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Land area : 11673.68 sq.mts.

Build up area : 5148.29 sq.mts

Class rooms

One classroom of minimum size of 500 Sq.ft (five hundred square feet) for every 50 students

(i) 600 Sq.ft.

(ii) 600  Sq.ft.

Multipurpose hall with seating capacity of two hundered and a dias with total are of 2000 sq.ft (Two thousand square feet)

2000 Sq.ft.

Library-cum-resource Centre

1260 Sq.ft.

ICT Resource Centre with at least 10 computers with internet facility

600 Sq.ft.

Curriculum Resource Centre (with science and maths kits, maps, globes, chemicals, science kits, etc)

660 Sq.ft.

Arts and Work Experience / Resource centre(s)

600 Sq.ft.

Educational Toys Room

600 Sq.ft.

Health and physical education room

600 Sq.ft.

Principal’s Office

240 Sq.ft.

Staff Room

660 Sq.ft.

Administrative Office

440 Sq.ft.

Commmon Room ( separately for men and women student  - teachers

 Girls’- 300 Sq.ft.

Boys’ – 300 sq ft.


864 Sq.ft.

Store Rooms (two)

600 Sq.ft. X 2= 1200 sq.ft

Separate Toilet facility for men and women student-teachers and staff out of which one should be for PWD

Boys’- 200 sq.ft.

Girls’ – 200 sq.ft.

Male- 200

Female -200

Total – 800 sq.ft

Visitors room

600. Sq.ft.

Seminar room

1200 Sq.ft.

Instrumental music room with mirrors

600. Sq.ft.

Vocal music room with mirrors

600 Sq.ft.

Performing arts resource centre with mirrors

600 Sq.ft.

Dance room with mirror

600  Sq.ft.